Every time I made sales calls over the past weeks, just following our 5-wine portfolio tastings and after the new customer paperwork was signed off, I posed the same question:

"Can you think of someone that might be able to help us develop Rustico Farm & Cellars to where we should be in the marketplace?

  • Someone we'd have a blast working with who'd quickly embrace our special attitude and see us through the, here-we-grow-again stages?
  • Someone who agrees that 'business gotta be fun'* and so passionate that enjoying it for 27 -hour days, 9- day weeks and 54- week years is the only way to go?
  • Someone who wouldn't mind driving 5 hours to the winery with their dog panting in the back seat and their sample case in the front?
  • Someone who starts earlier than the competition, crams more calls into a longer day than the other guys?

We started putting a list together. After all out there in let's-get-in-for-a-tasting-land there are many wonderful folks lugging award-winning labels back and forth but times are tough, even scarier; the little wine brokerage firms down-sizing their one-person shows, and the bigger firms, skinny last season are getting even skinnier. And here we were just starting out in the crappiest economy imaginable.

But we connected with the perfect pair to pair with: helping us along on the Lower Mainland and beyond, is Ron Bergstrom, Founder of AnaRona Wines Importers of Fine Chilean Wines.

Ron started his company knocking doors, both in Chile and in BC and is today recognized as one of the most trustworthy and reliable sources for wines Chilean. Working along with Rustico Farm & Cellars means he can now answer that age-old question..."these Chilean wines are terrific Ron and we'll be ordering some BUT do you know of a BC winery that might fit our menu needs as well?" Now Ron can say, "YUP... Rustico".

Pairing with Ron is Chris Giroux AIWS the International Wine Festival's 2008 Winner of the Puddifoot Sommelier Challenge, and International Sommelier Guild member and Wine Education & Spirit Trust (W.S.E.T.) Level Three Diploma holder.

All of us at Rustico Farm & Cellars are delighted to welcome their talents and look forward to many hours of training in the Tasting Saloon in Oliver!

Ron Bergstrom 778•885•4442
Chris Giroux 778•994•1360

*"Business gotta be fun!!!"
is a favorite saying of former boss Jim Pattison
one of Canada's most successful billionaire entrepreneurs.

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