Farmer's Daughter (the real one) Joins Rustico

On Vancouver Island? If you're a restaurant owner or welcoming customers to your wine store on the island it'll be your pleasure to meet the "real" Farmer's Daughter who can tell you all about our Rustico Farm & Cellars' Farmer's Daughter DRY Gewurztraminer. And of course she can take you through the rest of our portfolio too.

Jacqueline Kellam grew up on her parents' vineyard right next door to our Rustico property on 123rd St., (off Road 16 & Hwy 97) At her father's knee she learned all about the grape-growing business from ideal site selection, clearing and prepping the raw land, selection of appropriate healthy vine stock, planting, growing, irrigation, plant care, pruning, picking at harvest: the works! And all this across the lane we share with her parents today. When you visit us at Rustico you'll drive right by her house.

While attending university she worked in the wine industry, organizing special wine-tasting showings and events; calling on customers and in support roles with the sales force. She then managed that famous wine store in the Granville Island Market, greeting hundreds of locals and out-of-town guests, recommending selections that might pair well with the goodies of the marketplace...

As a talented Blogger, Jacqueline will take her visitors through her experiences as she ventures forth on Vancouver Island, introducing Rustico to everyone she meets.

Meet her and enjoy following at:

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thx Farmers Daughter pic is great... Trust you fell in love with her.
Thx for your note. We do have a DIY Cowboy Canteen with some cheeses, cold meats, biscuits/crackers, olives, chili, beans.

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