Saloon Sally


Dry Cabernet Franc Rose

As the story goes, the bunkhouse at the Sally Silver Mine was home to 19 miners. Since mining was generally considered men's work, it was a surprise to all when a beautiful woman stepped forward confessing with a rosy blush that she had secretly labored on the mine while discreetly sharing the bunkhouse. Surprising too was that on weekends, overalls shed and decked out in best saloon finery, she sang along  at Isabella's piano. Pairs perfectly with summer BBQ's, charcuterie, spicy chicken and sinfully delicious romantic omelet breakfasts. Our Saloon Sally, Dry Rose, noticeably crisp and Cab Franc fruit-forward would've been a certain hit with all those who toiled in the noon-day sun of the South Okanagan.

A delightful way to finish dinner... try blending 1/2 bottle Saloon Sally with 3 big scoops of rich vanilla ice cream.  Serve in Champagne flutes topped with a couple of frozen grapes or a strawberry.

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thx Farmers Daughter pic is great... Trust you fell in love with her.
Thx for your note. We do have a DIY Cowboy Canteen with some cheeses, cold meats, biscuits/crackers, olives, chili, beans.

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