Old Vine Zinfandel

As the story goes, while One-Armed Reid might've been first to formally stake a claim near today's Oliver, it could've been Chinese workers, tired of their thankless railroad laboring that first hiked Fairview's  slopes packing pick and shovel. Our small lot, Bonanza Old Vine Zinfandel is a true find in the South Okanagan where a scarcity of Zin vines reach as far into the flintly gravel as ours. Rustico's Bonanza for the Zinfandel lover. Expect a toast and jam fruit nose, hint of cloves and blackberry, matching well when served with spicily-sauced beef, pork back ribs, game roasts and meaty sausages.

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thx Farmers Daughter pic is great... Trust you fell in love with her.
Thx for your note. We do have a DIY Cowboy Canteen with some cheeses, cold meats, biscuits/crackers, olives, chili, beans.

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