Doc’s Buggy


Pinot Noir

As the story goes he was a welcome sight for worried eyes… the country doctor, only one for miles around, coming up the pathway to visit with a fine bottle of  Pinot Noir in his black bag.

Our Doc’s Buggy Pinot Noir is no exception, and fits well with most dishes you’d serve up before sending him into the night.  His favorite pairings included pan-fried trout, split salmon grilled over an open flame,  apricot and grape-stuffed pork loin or a medium-well goat-cheeseburger with beefsteak tomatoes and fried sweet onions on the side.

On the nose, ripe Okanagan berry and plums with a subtle smokiness just wonderful for any house call.  When visiting see our vintage 1902 Baynes Carriage, “Doc’s Buggy” beside our tasting room.

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thx Farmers Daughter pic is great... Trust you fell in love with her.
Thx for your note. We do have a DIY Cowboy Canteen with some cheeses, cold meats, biscuits/crackers, olives, chili, beans.

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