Isabella’s Poke


Pinot Gris

As the story goes, Isabella with her Scottish brogue and perfect Golden Mile-wide smile, became an overnight sensation with the miners and wranglers in Fairview, the mining townsite above present-day Oliver. Like our Pinot Gris, she tinkled the ivories with a light fruity air and her freckled nose hinted of pear, vanilla, the skin of new peaches and a little honeysuckle.  We know all about that pleasant mouthfeel.

And Isabella liked nothing better than to share the poke of a miner from Veneto.  She was, after all saving her gold to plant a small vineyard.  In turn he taught her how well  Pinot Gris paired with seafood and light creamy pastas while still allowing her to lace up that corset before making the grand entrance at the Big TeePee.

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thx Farmers Daughter pic is great... Trust you fell in love with her.
Thx for your note. We do have a DIY Cowboy Canteen with some cheeses, cold meats, biscuits/crackers, olives, chili, beans.

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